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    Prospect & Mission


    To be the front-runner in the field of odor and VOCs treatment.

    To be a top-ranking provider of sludge and water-environmental treatment technology.

    To be a characteristic environmental service provider and investor.


    Sincerely improve the living environment

    Core Values


    Advocating customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders to treat each other with sincerity, mutual respect and mutual choice, so that employees have a sense of belonging and make shareholders feel special.


    Employees actively learn, take the initiative to make up the position, safeguard the company's interests, and contribute to the company's development; the company actively adapts to the society, the market changes.

    Employees and shareholders actively choose to develop and invest according to the company's strategic positioning; the company actively eliminates employees who are contrary to core values and actively evades investors who are contrary to core values.

    Joint Force

    Internally, between departments, between employees, between employees and shareholders, unite as one, seek common ground while reserving differences, work in division, and complete tasks with high quality and efficiency.

    Externally, unite all forces that can be united, mutual benefit, and achieve the fastest development of the company.


    Build a century-old foundation and continue to innovate in technology, management, systems and business models.


    Efforts to innovate, work hard, require all employees to work hard, backbone employees and management must have a considerable fighting spirit, and use this as a basic condition for hiring and assessment.

    Employees who are not striving for innovation and cannot work hard can not take up important positions, and do not focus on training.

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