About Us

About Us

Bring Nature Home

Promise Deco is one of the finest, most unique trendy imported brands for bamboo home decor, our aims are to:

  • create a new attractive living space;
  • offer a wide range of stylish bamboo decorative collections;
  • tender a selection of trendy collections and inspirational ideas from nature resources.

Forever Art & Craftsmanship

Promise Deco state-of-the-art manufacturing process offers fascination choices to our customers. The artistic of Chinese art and craftsmanship blended into our bamboo products

Green Mission

We are now introducing important initiatives and commitments to:

  • make your homes more thoughtful environment;
  • develop new ways to improve everything you touch;
  • deliver contemporary art & craftsmanship into your home.

Fast Regeneration Green Products from China

Our highest quality and truly environmental friendly bamboo products are:

  • durable with incredible strength;
  • excellent regenerative properties which bring the products to life;
  • continuously re-harvested without causing damage to surrounding environment and actually improves the overall health of the plant.

Flexible Order Requirement

Comparing the traditional business, small quantity order is available in Promise Deco for experiencing the natural life.

Promise DECO


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